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Game Description

FIFA Points for Sale

FIFA Points are a virtual currency in the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode which can be spent for buying FUT Packs and FUT Draft entries.  Here you can find the complete list of FIFA Points purchases in FIFA Ultimate Team, including 100 Points, 250 Points, 500 Points, 750 Points, 1,050 Points, 1,600 Points, 2,200 Points, 4,600 Points and 12,000 Points. FIFA Points can be only purchased with real world money! So, to enhance your adventure, you are recommened to buy Cheap FIFA Points via trusted and verified sellers here at!

How to Top Up FUT Points at

To top up FIFA Ultimate Team Points, you just need to follow these steps:

1. If you do not have an account on Z2U, you need to register as a member first!

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3. Select the platform from PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. And select the seller you want to buy from!

4. Then select the amount of points you want to purchase!

5. for EA FC 24 Points or FIFA 23 Points Top Up service, you need to provide us your correct account, password and Backup Code.

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Sell FIFA Points

Sell your FIFA 22 Points for CASH today! A Secure FIFA market with thousands of buyers. With so many gamers wanting to get the best FIFA players right off the bat for the new season, FUT 22 Points will always be in demand until the next season comes. Card packs are one of the main items that players love to just throw money at, and they have plenty of use cases outside of that. If you have extra EA Sports FC 24 Points, just turn them into riches at the secure marketplace!

Carrying Over Your Points from Previous FIFA

Your FIFA Points will be carrying over to next FIFA automatically. You will be asked to carry over your FIFA Points once you start off playing the new version of FIFA 24. The only way to transfer your FIFA Points from FIFA 23 to FIFA 24 is by logging in to FIFA 24 on your console or PC. You can’t transfer your FIFA Points from FIFA 23 to FIFA 24 using the FUT Web or Companion Apps. Log in to FIFA 24 on your console or PC to transfer your FIFA Points, then you’ll see them on the apps.

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