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  • Game Goddess of Genesis
  • DEVELOPER ZlongGames
  • PUBLISHER GameBeans Ltd.
  • RELEASE DATE 2019-12-1
  • LANGUAGES English


Meet the heroes of the world’s most famous legends and write a new story of your own along this unforgettable journey! Embark on an anime adventure in Goddess of Genesis and take on the sacred mission of saving the world! Use magic tarot cards to summon legendary heroes to join you in your fight, battle powerful dark forces, and explore a huge fantasy world as you unveil the secrets of an epic storyline! Gather legendary characters such as Lucifer, Little Red Riding Hood, Athena, Gabriel, and many more, reimagined in a new and unique style, and battle with elves, frostwolves, dragons, and countless other creatures, all presented in fully-3D high-definition graphics that imbue each character with charm and that immerse you in a breathtaking fantasy world. Command your team of heroes in battle and marvel at stunning skills with gorgeous combat animations that you’ll want to watch again and again!

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