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6000 Crystals Honkai Impact 3 (SEA) Top Up

  • Platform : IOS/Android
  • Delivery Method : Put into my account
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24 hours
998800  Crystals
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1 Crystals = USD $60
$60.00 USD
Procedure 1.Please provide for us your account info: server: account: password:£¨Please use a temp password for topup£© nickname(ingame): 2.Double check your info before sending to us. 3.We will login your account to topup, please be patient of waiting for some time. 4.We will info you when done. Risks(look before you leap): 1.Buying and selling Items from any third-party is prohibited in most online games, including this game. 2.Buying Items, you violate the user agreement of the owners or developers of the game and may be punished. 3.We only promise to topup the Items into your account after you paid for them. So it isn't 100% safe to topup here, You need to undertake all responsibilities if any punished by the game owner.
Z2U makes it safe to buy video game currencies from our members by securing your payment and guaranteeing delivery.


Honkai Impact 3 (SEA) is a mobile action game where players can collect different heroine and use them to defeat monsters. Version features: [Herrscher of the Void] - The Herrscher's powers have been unleashed, transforming a Valkyrie into a powerful new form. Manifest the might of Honkai into impaling spears and brush all opposition aside. Herrscher of the Void - Kiana's S-rank awakened battlesuit has been deployed! The night is the perfect companion for her inauguration. Let her wings of war set the battlefield alight! "We hereby declare Judgment Day!" [Arctic Kriegsmesser] - The fiery temptress had her innocent moments. The frost and cold have whittled away her years, but her indomitable will stood firm. Arctic Kriegsmesser - Himeko's A-rank awakened battlesuit deployed! Relive her past warrior days and Imbue her memories and iron will into her mighty zweihänder! [Dimension Treasures] - A vast virtual world exists beyond reality. The dimensional portals are open, revealing lost treasures to be found. People think they have unlimited imagination. The Virtual World will put this imagination to the test. Although history cannot be observed directly, their effects still persist. Like the future itself, the corridors of memories within these spatial rifts are waiting to be explored. [Equipment Updates] - Keys of the Void - penultimate dual pistols that fire "absolute commandments" designed to rip apart the space-time fabric itself. The mesmerizing singing voice of the divas is heard all over the Honkai world through Starry Woofers and Galactic Nova. Hrungnir - the fearsome frost giant of the Nordic myths. This greatsword smites evil where it exists. Celine: Ascendant - the mighty stigmata have resurfaced with the powers of fires and storms. All these will help us in the Honkai War, Captain! 

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