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Kingdom Warriors Gold for Sale

Kingdom Warriors is an iOS and Android game. In Kingdom Warrior players assume the role of one of five destiny generals. As a destiny general, players will lead their corresponding kingdom (Wu, Wei, or Shu) to glory in a world set in the legendary Three Kingdoms era. Collect over forty different generals, ranging in rarity and strength, who will join your side in battle. Upgrade and evolve generals, build Rapport between them, and manage their individual skills. Equip and craft the armor and weapon of the main character with loot from raids, equipment draws, and quests. Complete daily missions for in-game currency, collect log-in rewards, compete in the PvP arena, and enjoy beautiful fluid 3D graphics.

Kingdom Warriors Key Features:

Choose Your Destiny – pick from five distinct characters called destiny generals, who belong to one of three kingdoms (Wu, Wei, or Shu).

Collect 'Em All – with over forty different generals, players will want to collect as many as possible to create the best team.

Upgrade and Evolve Generals – generals can be "awakened," or upgraded, for better stats and looks.

Daily Missions – log-in daily for unique rewards and in-game currency.

Craft Gear – collect and craft gear for the main character.

Every sun must set, and every reign must end. The high days of the Han Empire shine no more as war has come to the kingdoms. Heroes from every corner of the land must rally their forces to wrest power and glory from the rising chaos. Heroes will rise, empires will fall. Join the thrilling new classic action MMO epic Kingdom Warriors today and establish your dynasty with the help of Buying Cheap Kingdom Warriors Gold at! There are many discount Kingdom Warriors Silver Top Up service for Sale, no hack, no cheats, no generator, 100% safe! All the golds are provided by real players of Kingdom Warriors, all the sellers are verfied by's team! So, just purchase Kingdom Warriors Currency, Month Card & Gift Pack 2 with confident!

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