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ITEMS Lineage W Items Ratings and Reviews
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Game Description

Lineage W Items for Sale

Lineage W is an multi-platform MMORPG that has been launched simultaneously at midnight of November 4 (UTC/GMT+9) in 13 countries and regions, including Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. It will expand service regions afterward to North America, South America, and Europe as well.

Lineage W has four basic classes: Monarch, Knight, Elf, and Mage. Monarch Skills: True Target- Marks and highlights a target, only visible to Blood Pledge members. Brave Mind- Has a chance to deal greater damage for the duration of the skill. Excalibur- Strikes the ground with a summoned Excalibur dealing Magic Damage to the target with a chance to stun. Knights Skills: Shock Stun-Stuns the target with a Two-Handed Sword. Counter Barrier- Evades a melee attack and counters it with a Two-Handed Sword. Reduction Armor- Absorbs damage with the mind power. Elf Skills: Triple Arrow- Quickly shoots 3 arrows in a row, requires a ranged weapon. Blood to Soul- Consumes HP to restore MP. Area of Silence- Creates a vacuum around the caster, disabling the magic usage. Mage Skills: Heal- Restores the target's HP and deals damage to undead monsters. Disintegrate- A massive spear pierces the target to deal significant damage. Immune to Harm- Creates a magic barrier to decrease received damage. To get the max damage of each class, you need choose to purchase Lineage W Items to equip them!

Lineage W items come in one hundred different variants. They can be divided into two main types, items that the character can wear, and items that are used for different purposes, such as crafting, enmuring, consuming, etc. Among the W lineage items you can wear in the game, you'll find armor, weapons, accessories, and pet equipment. All Cheap Lineage W items for Sale in can be worn by each class and race, but not each class has equipment specific skills.

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Players are attracted by the most popular game Lineage W and eager to join in the journey of the world. If you want to have a good experience in playing the game in the beginning, you should know some basic features about Lineage W in advance.

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Lineage W Class Introduction: Four Different Classes Introduction and Relevant Skills Guide
2021-11-06 08:53

Lineage W is an upcoming MMORPG by NC SOFT Which are the South Korean developers. NC SOFT is ready to launch the Lineage W globally on November 4th, 2021.