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Game Description

Mobile2 Global Accounts for Sale

Are you eager to level up your Mobile2 character's power and skills? Look no further than the wide array of Mobile2 Accounts available on our website! Whether you have a specific class in mind or are open to options, you're bound to discover an account that perfectly suits your gaming needs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your Mobile2 journey to the next level!


Many individuals who once enjoyed playing Mobile2 during their teenage years have now grown into adults with jobs and families. If you're seeking a nostalgic trip down memory lane, you might consider acquiring a well-developed account rather than starting anew. The slow-paced nature and time commitment required to make significant progress from scratch can be quite discouraging. An established account offers a wealth of possibilities and content to explore!

In addition to having a high-level, formidable character, purchasing an account can bring several other advantages. It's likely to come equipped with powerful gear for at least one character. You can opt to make this character your main character or sell their gear to fellow players and acquire items that better suit your needs. Furthermore, an established account may also provide you with a substantial supply of Yang, the game's primary currency. Since most Metin2 items are tradable, amassing a stash of the main currency can prove to be incredibly beneficial.

Metin2 features five fundamental character classes: Warrior, Ninja, Sura, Shaman, and Lycan. While all classes are capable of dealing significant damage, there aren't traditional pure tank or healer roles in this game. However, each class boasts a unique identity and often offers multiple distinct playstyles. With the exception of Lycan, all classes have two distinct development paths known as subclasses. You can easily find an account that boasts a powerful character of your preferred class!

Sell Mobile2 Account

Selling your Mobile2 Account with Z2U is straightforward. Just follow these steps to sell your Mobile2 account here.

1. Verify your identity with us: We ask you to do this due to the increased risk involved in selling your account. This is necessary to ensure that the Mobile2 Global account you sell is legitimate.

2. Post detailed instructions for your account along with up to 5 pictures and your price.

3. If a buyer snaps up your offer, you can contact the buyer to arrange a transfer. This includes sharing your username, password, email, and security questions and answers. Everything here belongs to him! After going through these steps, you can regularly list your Mobile2 account for sale and become a regular seller.