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Game Description

Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go is a single-player mobile board game video game that mixes elements of the classic Monopoly board game with some light mid-core mechanics. Monopoly GO! takes place in a mildly sociable environment. The player travels their board by themselves and starts out with ownership of every property.

A recurrent mini-game called Treasure Hunting is another aspect of Monopoly Go that allows the player to find hidden objects for rewards. Like other events, these mini-games are themed and only playable for a short period of time—usually a few days. All Treasure Hunts revolve around the basic gameplay of tapping squares on a grid to reveal objects. The player needs special tokens called "pickaxes" in order to uncover the squares.

Why Do You Need Dice Rolls in Monopoly Go?

To progress through Monopoly Go, you'll need plenty of Dice Rolls, which is a crucial in-game currency. Each time you want to move around the game's virtual board, you'll need to use up a Dice Roll. To get more dice, you'll have to take advantage of daily login bonuses, complete more of the game, and take part in events, among other things. You can also spend real-life money to get more Dice.

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