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MultiVersus Gleamium for Sale

Gold and gleamium are the two currencies used in the MultiVersus gameplay! MultiVersus Gold is used to unlock characters, unlock perks, and buy cosmetics. Gold can be earned in-game by leveling up, completing Battle Pass tiers, completing missions, and by finishing battles.

MultiVersus Gleamium is used as an alternate currency to unlock characters and can be used to buy cosmetics like legendary skins. Gleamium can be used to purchase the Premium Battle Pass but cannot be used to purchase perks or to level up characters.

How to get MultiVersus Gleamium?

Gleamium is a Premium currency and (so far) cannot be earned in-game. The only way to get gleamium is by using real world money! The one is you can get MultiVersus Gleamium by Buying MultiVersus Gleamium Top Up service, the another is to get some Gleamium by purchasing one of the three MultiVersus Founder's Packs (MultiVersus Founder's Pack Standard Edition, MultiVersus Founder's Pack Deluxe Edition & MultiVersus Founder's Pack Premium Edition).

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Buy MultiVersus Founder's Packs

Except for MultiVersus Money, you can also purchse MultiVersus Founder's Packs recharge service from trusted and verified sellers here at!

MultiVersus Founder's Pack - Standard Edition concludes 15 Character Tickets, 1 Banner (Rare) and 300 Gleamium.

MultiVersus Founder's Pack - Deluxe Edition concludes 20 Character Tickets, 1 Banner (Rare), 1 Premium Battle Pass, 1 Banner (Epic), 1 Ring Out Effect (Epic) and 1,000 Gleamium.

MultiVersus Founder's Pack - Premium Edition concludes 30 Character Tickets, 1 Banner (Rare), 3 Premium Battle Passes, 1 Banner (Epic), 1 Ring Out Effect (Epic), 1 Banner (Legendary), 1 Ring Out Effect (Legendary), 1 Unique Nameplate and 2,500 Gleamium.