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TOP UP Naraka: Bladepoint TOP UP Ratings and Reviews
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Game Description

Naraka Bladepoint Gold for Sale

Naraka: Bladepoint is an action-adventure Battle Royal game developed by 24 Entertainment and published by NetEase Games Montreal. It is released on August 11, 2021 on PC, Steam and PS5 platforms! The game has Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Asura Edition and Ultimate Edition. Naraka: Bladepoint sets its premise on "Morus Island" where heroes gather for battle. Players can queue up for either solo games or in trios and can choose from more than seven (Viper Ning; Kurumi; Matari; Tarka Ji; Temulch; Tianhai; Yoto Hime) different characters, while each of those has two skills (F skill and Ultimate).

There are four main currencies in this gameplay, including Tae, Spectral Silk, Hidden Coins and Gold! Naraka: Bladepoint Tae is the most common currency in the game. It is the standard in-game coin you use to purchase skins, accessories, and all manner of cosmetics, including a limited number of Immortal Treasures from the store. Tae is also the currency you use to upgrade your Glyphs in Naraka: Bladepoint. Other than with Power Chests from Twitch, the most common way to earn Spectral Silk is by acquiring duplicate cosmetics. These will be automatically deconstructed into Spectral Silk. Your other main source of Spectral Silk will be from the Tidal battle pass. Hidden Coins are used to help you make your way through the battle pass. Gold is the currency you can use real-world cash to purchase. You need this currency to unlock the paid path of Naraka: Bladepoint’s battle pass, the Tidal Advanced Hidden Treasure. You can also use Gold to unlock cosmetics for weapons and characters. Other than purchasing Gold, there is currently only one way to earn the currency in the game, and that’s through the paid battle pass track.

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Sell Naraka Bladepoint Gold

There is a famous sentence: "If you are good at something - never do it for free." It applies to the Gold making in araka Bladepoint. Naraka Bladepoint gold farmers are given the opportunity to make gaming their daily job. It is straightforward - the more you can make in the game, the more you will be able to sell for real currency. If you have extra Naraka Bladepoint Currency and Money, just turn them into riches at the secure marketplace!

Naraka Bladepoint Characters Tier List: Which Character Is Best In Naraka Bladepoint
2021-09-13 08:49

Naraka Bladepoint has seven different Characters: MATARI, KURUMI, TEMULCH, TIANHAI, TARKA JI, VIPER NING, YOTO HIME. Follow this short article, and find out the abilities that suit for each character and which character is the best!

Naraka Bladepoint How to get Gold: Fast and Best Way to farm Naraka Bladepoint Gold
2021-09-11 08:41

Naraka Bladepoint has four major currencies: Tae, Spectral Silk, Hidden Coins and Gold! Among them, the Naraka Bladepoint Gold is the most important one! To help you fully enjoy the game, we list some useful ways for you to get Naraka Bladepoint Gold.