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NBA 2K22 VC for Sale

There are three main currencies in NBA 2K22, tokens, MT and VC. NBA 2K22 Tokens are a specific currency just for the NBA 2K MyTeam mode. With these, you can buy players offered through the Token Market. That marketplace offers different levels of cards, each for different amounts of Tokens. NBA 2K22's lifeblood is VC (or Virtual Currency), an in-game currency which can be used to purchase upgrades for your MyPlayer, cosmetics such as clothing and shoes, and Player Packs in MyTeam. As it's such an important part of the game, you'll want to maximise your NBA 2K22 Virtual Currency as much as possible. To enhance your adventure, you are recommened to buy cheap NBA 2K VC from reputed and trusted sellers, no hack, no generator, all the products are hand-made, 100% safe! NBA 2K22 VC for Sale, including NBA 2K22 VC PC, NBA 2K22 VC PS4, NBA 2K22 VC PS5, NBA 2K22 VC Xbox One, NBA 2K22 VC Xbox Series X|S, NBA 2K22 Next Gen VC, NBA 2K22 VC Nintendo Switch. Feel free to contact our 24/7 live support if you have any issues!

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If you already have a lot of NBA 2K22 VC then sell it on the marketplace. With 5 million members you can always find buyers for your 2K VC. Best of all, unlike other trading sites, we do not upshelf your NBA 2K22 VC and profit from your hard work. Instead, we will help you turn your digital riches into real world money. Earn money the easy and fun way with us!

NBA 2K22 Will Allow Players to Become Hip-Hop Stars as a side career option
2021-07-27 08:38

NBA 2K22 has been added a new feature that players can now pursue side careers, including hip-hop. 2K is yet to explicitly detail these ventures, but reports claim that players can dive into the fashion or music industries, allowing them to become fashion and rap moguls while being the best player in the league.