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9Dragons (aka Nine Dragons Awaken) is a good MMORPG martial arts game set during China’s Ming Dynasty, and features inspired geographical locations. Choose from one of 9 clans and a myriad of classes, mastering Kung-Fu and fighting other players in territorial PvP across 240 levels. Enter a world fueled by discipline, honor, and determination, where your physical prowess and understanding of Kung-Fu will see you become a formidable warrior. Join one of nine distinct martial arts clans, and the learn the art of Kung-Fu with each clan offering a distinct skill tree and their own spin on the common classes. Six of the clans are divided between White and Black, depending on their allegiances to the Emperor, whether they support him or rebel against his reign. Fight for your beliefs by engaging in territorial PvP, with a robust tracking system that records your wins and losses, as well as awarding karma for victory. Employ a variety of weapons as you grind from level 1 to 240, with a unique mini game system used every 12 levels. Enroll as a student under the austere eyes of another player, and receive bonuses to aid you in leveling. Explore a world inspired by China and featuring real geographical locations, such as The Great Wall of China and the Shaolin Monastery.

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