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  • Game Onmyoji Arena
  • DEVELOPER NetEase Games
  • PUBLISHER NetEase Games
  • RELEASE DATE 2018-4-27
  • LANGUAGES English


Onmyoji Arena is a 5v5 mobile MOBA spinoff of the Japanese-themed turn-based fantasy strategy game Onmyoji. Choose your Shikigami and work together with your team to destroy their towers and secure victory.

Your favorite Onmyoji characters are now in a MOBA! Engage in classic 5v5 MOBA fights in Onmyoji Arena. Feast your senses on amazing Japanese-themed art, beautifully-modeled 3D characters, and original voice acting. Choose from an ever-growing roster of well-balanced Shikigami inspired by Japanese folklore and the original Onmyoji game. Prepare for battle by equipping your Shikigami with item sets, spells, and Onmyodo that fit your playstyle and, more importantly, your role in the battle. Join the Talent Quest and test your skills against other players of your rank. Win matches to advance in rank and match up with more experienced players. Tired of the 5v5 game mode? Try out the 3v3v3 Royal Battle and face up with two other teams in a race to 30 kills. Earn coins just by joining matches and use them to unlock a wide variety of Shikigami, each with their own unique abilities, playstyles, and backstories. Jump into Onmyoji Arena now and see if you have what it takes to be on top!

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