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Z2U makes it safe to buy video game currencies from our members by securing your payment and guaranteeing delivery.

Game Description

What is Outriders Power Leveling Services?

Power Leveling is the act of having a veteran player take control of another player's account. This is often done to take advantage of the veteran player's knowledge of the game. It is also done when the original owner of the account does not have time to play the game. In the case of Outriders power leveling, the buyer will allow the seller to access their account. The seller will then play on the account with the goal of getting the character to higher levels. This service is ideal for players who do not want to waste time grinding levels. With Outriders power leveling, you can save time and effort!

Safe Outriders Boosting for sale

Outriders Challenge Tier Boost

Here you can buy Outriders Challenge Tier Boost, a carry service which 100% guarantees the unlock of the desired Challenge Tier for Expeditions on your account, Lightning-Fast. When our sellers provide a Challenge Tier carry, you get to keep all the items and materials that drop while unlocking the desired tier of difficulty: Epic Items, Legendary Items etc. The Challenge Tier boosting service is currently available for piloted mode only, with account sharing. So one booster will have to log into your account and once seller unlock the desired tier for your character, seller will pass you the account back.

Outriders World Tier Boosting

In Outriders, World Tiers represent the difficulty that the missions, monster hunts, bounties etc can be played on. There are a total of 15 different world tiers of difficulty: the higher the level, the more difficult the content becomes but with higher quality and quantity of loot. The booster will save all the weapons and gear on your account and you will decide what to save and what to deconstruct.

Outriders LVL 1-30 Power Leveling

The maximum level in Outriders is 30, and most players should finish the campaign having exceeded level 25. This service will make your character(s) leveled to 30, weapons and gear that drops during boost will be kept in your account.

Outriders Campaign Completion (Story Mode)

The Outriders Campaign has 18 Chapters as follows:1. Prologue (1x Story Quest), 2. Rift Town (5x Story Quests), 3. First City (4x Story Quests), 4. Eagle Peaks (4x Story Quests), 5. Deadrock Pass (2x Story Quests), 6. Trench Town (4x Story Quests), 7. Quarry (4x Story Quests), 8. Forest Enclave (3x Story Quests), 9. The Stronghold (3x Story Quests), 10. Ancient Ruins (2x Story Quests), 11. The Gate (3x Story Quests), 12. Dunes (2x Story Quests), 13. Utargak (3x Story Quests), 14. Desolate Fort (3x Story Quests), 15. Canyon of the Grand Obelisk (3x Story Quests), 16. Pax City (3x Story Quests), 17. The Caravel (2x Story Quests), 18. Outriders’ Camp (End-Game). Order your campaign completion in the world of Enoch or any of the gearing packages offered in this section. Our Seller will play until the job is done and deliver the service ordered.

Outriders Expeditions Carry & Recovs

There are 13 brand-new expeditions you can farm in the Outriders game with a 14th to unlock, called Eye of the Storm. Each expedition comes with its unique story and areas to explore. In Outriders Expeditions, tiers represent difficulty levels. There are up to 15 different tiers for each expedition. The higher the level, the more difficult the content becomes but with higher quality and quantity of loot. You can buy Outriders Expeditions carries, a service which guarantees the completion of the desired expedition on the selected difficulty, for your character.

Outriders Eye of The Storm Boost

Eye of the Storm is the final Expedition in the game, the hardest and most challenging but for the best rewards the game has to offer. In order to unlock it, you have to complete a challenge tier 15 expedition. Our sellers provide Eye of the Storm carries with account sharing. So one booster will have to log into your account and join his teammates in order to complete the Eye of the Storm expedition boost. Once your EotS Carry is complete, Our seller will pass the account back to you.

Outriders Legendary Items & Weapons Farming

In Outriders universe, all the items that drop for a player are of a certain quality: common, rare, superior etc. Legendary is the highest, hardest to get and best quality that an item can have. There are 3 types of legendary items that you can get in Outriders: Legendary Weapons, Legendary Gear (Sets) and Legendary Mods. You can get legendary weapons and gear by killing bosses and opening chests in expeditions. The higher the difficulty, the higher the chance for these items to drop. Another source for legendary items are ingame vendors who trade them for shards. Buy Legendary Items Farming, a boosting service that provides with the requested amount of class-specific legendary items in no time.

Outriders Achievements Boost

Achievements Boosting section here! Order now and obtain any Outrideres achievement on your character!

Welcome to the Outriders boosting services. We offer leveling & gearing activities for the upcoming triple A title from Square Enix slated to release April 1st 2021. Here, you can find Level and Gear Boost, Legendary Farm, Expeditions and Hourly Boost with more offers to be added soon. Scroll above to see the offer, service is available on PC, PS4, Steam, Xbox One & Google Stadia. For any additional help or questions reach us out on live chat, we cover 24/7 support across all regions! We guarantee that the boost will be handmade, without the use of any hacks or exploits, 100% safe and risk free.