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Game Description

Pizza Tower Account for Sale

Pizza Tower is a retro-style platformer game developed by Clever Crow Games. The game follows the story of Peppino, a pizza delivery boy who must navigate through a tower filled with dangerous obstacles to deliver pizzas to his customers. The game features colorful graphics, catchy music, and fast-paced gameplay.

In Pizza Tower, players can collect two types of currency: coins and gems. Coins are scattered throughout the levels and can be used to purchase items from vending machines, such as health upgrades and power-ups. Gems are rarer and can be used to purchase items from the gem shop, such as new costumes for Peppino. Players can also collect various items throughout the game to help them progress through the levels. These items include pizzas, which Peppino must deliver to his customers, as well as power-ups such as invincibility and speed boosts.

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