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There are no rules, only power! A world where everything is reduced to zero without any rules. Experience R2M on your mobile! R2M inherits PC sensitivity from R2: Unstoppable Struggle R2. 14 years of history, RPG history was chosen by 730,000 warriors. The fierce battle is now on your mobile! Realization of a huge continent in one open world, Guinea, Colport Continental. Experience an MMORPG with a more open world while retaining unique experiences! In addition to the conflict between users, the guild and the beginning of the guild war. The guild and the guild union are fighting against a hostile guild. Experience huge battles involving countless guilds! Extreme PVP that can be felt on mobile, simultaneous point battles and battles between users to monopolize the field. Feel the PC that you can’t watch for a minute!

Treat yourself to some R2M Diamonds virtual currency! Enhance your character so that you can have the bells and whistles. Buy R2M Diamonds Top Up service and minimize the madness. Seize the moment with R2M Mobile embark on a chaotic quest to victory.