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Game Description

Record of Lodoss War Online is a fantasy themed MMORPG based on the classic JRPG series. The game features four character-locked classes, an isometric camera view, point & click gameplay, and a vibrant fantasy world. Record of Lodoss War Online is a high-fantasy MMORPG where players choose one of four-character based classes and slay monsters. It is the first game in the Japanese RPG series of the same since 2000. Choose to be either a Warrior, Theif, Wizard, or Priest; and explore a colorful isometric world, undertaking quests from NPCs, leveling up and increasing your ability power. Chain your attacks together when prompted by activation queues to unleash devastating combos. Collect new equipment to turn your character into a formidable hero. Head to the Adventurer Association to learn new skills, enter dungeons, and create a guild with friends. Record of Lodoss War Online Key Features: Classic Fantasy Setting – set in the fantasy world of Record of Lodoss War, based on the fantasy novel series by Ryo Mizuno. Four Classes to Choose From – play as one of four character-defined classes: Warrior, Theif, Wizard, or Priest. Chain Reaction Battle System – set conditional skill activations to gain an edge in combat. Retro MMORPG – features top-down isometric graphics and point and click gameplay reminiscent of old school MMORPGs. Anime-Style Characters – explore a world imbued with anime-inspired characters and tropes. To enhance your adventure and maximize your joy of the game, you are recommended toBuy Cheap Record of Lodoss War Online Power Leveling & Boosting from our list of reputable sellers here at, your transaction remains safe, easy, and secure.