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Game Description

What is Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire Gems?

The premium currency used in Rise of Empires is Gems, which are used in many cases to let you skip some time requirements and speed up your progression. And also as currency to buy useful items like teleports and shields. But more importantly they are the only way to acquire a few of the rarer commodities that you need to complete some building projects. Gems can be used to buy Stationing plans, alloy barrels, War Horns etc.

There are many options in the game to make purchases that will get you some gems and if you are going to be buying resources in the game look for one of the offer packs that includes the gems as well. There is no need to be buying diamonds though unless you are looking to rush through.

How to Get Rise of Empires Gems?

Join an alliance with more than 50 active members and log in daily.

Kill the Undead Giant boss that roams the world map with your alliance members.

Complete Daily Challenges & Events.

View the Imperial news broadcast.

Squash Undead.

Gem Mining.

Purchase Gems with real money.

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