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Welcome to Sea Game. This is a Real Time Multiplayer Strategy game. You are entering a parallel world that mirrors our own during World War II. Begin from nothing, become stronger and stop the evil project Final Medusa. It is up to you to assist your allies or eliminate other potential enemies. On this maritime planet, upgrade your Megacarriers to rule the ocean. Cooperate with or fight against millions of players worldwide of your own free will. It's time for you to write the new history!

Highlights: extraordinary 3D graphics in a familiar American cartoon style. Created with the NextGen engine, bringing you epic ocean warfare. Real-time global synchronization technology allows you to play with other players across the world. Each and every command from you impacts the entire world. Adaptive battle system allows up to 100 v.s. 100 battle with no crashes or lags. Innovative Boss fight system allows anyone to join the battle anytime before the boss dies. Bosses are not exclusive challenges for high-level players anymore. Multiple powerful Megacarriers are waiting for your orders. Customize your fleets with different carriers, destroyers, and submarines, each suited to a specific purpose.

There are a number of unique Sea Game Mega Carrier Resources. Make your journey just as gratifying as going to your destination by buying Cheap Sea Game Mega Carrier Resources & Items, including Sea Game Mega Carrier Gold, Oil, Electricity & Steel!