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5000 Crystal Set Shadowverse Top Up

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Procedure 1.Please provide for us your account info: server: account: password:(Please use a temp password for topup) nickname(ingame): 2.Double check your info before sending to us. 3.We will login your account to topup, please be patient of waiting for some time. 4.We will info you when done. Risks(look before you leap): 1.Buying and selling Items from any third-party is prohibited in most online games, including this game. 2.Buying Items, you violate the user agreement of the owners or developers of the game and may be punished. 3.We only promise to topup the Items into your account after you paid for them. So it isn't 100% safe to topup here, You need to undertake all responsibilities if any punished by the game owner.



Shadowverse is a multi-platform online CCG that features seven distinct character classes, each with unique deck mechanics. Collect 400+ cards detailed with appealing anime-inspired art, then strategically play and evolve them in combat to defeat your opponent.

Shadowverse is a highly polished mobile collectible card game by the developers of Rage of Bahamut and Granblue Fantasy, borrowing some assets and featuring a similar Japanese art style. The game features class-based card battling similar to Hearthstone, but taking it a step further with highly distinct playstyles and resources available to each class. Build decks around seven different classes, including Forestcraft and its inexpensive followers that unleash stronger allies; Dragoncraft which relies on cards that generate play points to unleash expensive cards early on; Shadowcraft that generates and spends shadows to unleash powerful abilities; and other classes each with highly specific styles and card types available. Evolve cards on the board to increase their destructive and defensive power, and trigger additional abilities. Collect and craft over 400 cards with gorgeous anime-style fantasy art and distinct abilities. Use your custom-built decks in the game's voice-acted campaign or in its many multiplayer modes.

Beautiful on the eyes, easy to pick-up, and hard to put down, Shadowverse is one of those games that players can enjoy for the long haul. After all, that’s how trading card games are, thanks to their competitive nature and the deck-building aspect. The latter requires a chunk of time, effort, and even money (Gold and Rupies currency bought with cash). If you want to be one of the best players, you’re probably going to spend weeks, months, or even a year in Shadowverse, especially if you want Legendaries on your deck. Rush to Buy Cheap Shadowverse Crystals, we always know how to make your character unstoppable.