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What is SparkNotes?

SparkNotes is a resource for students to turn to when you want to understand a book in-depth. Their mission is not only to help you to understand books, but also write papers, and study for tests, presenting all the info you need in a clear and concise way that includes all of the important info.

What Do SparkNotes Offer?

The SparkNotes website includes a sub-brand called No Fear Literature, featuring a wide range of classic literature side by side with a simple English translation. These translations are available both online and in book form at book stores such as Aside from the translations, SparkNotes have over 500 free study guides that contain summaries, characters, themes, quotes, and insightful critical analyses of authors and books – everything from Beowulf to Game of Thrones.

Shakespeare and literature are the most prominent and in-depth areas of content on SparkNotes, though they also do a pretty thorough job covering other subjects, including: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Drama, Economics,Film, Health,History, Math,Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, US Government and Politics. Most of these subject areas also include short quizzes, which allow you to test your retention before any upcoming exam you might have.

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