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The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure Account for Sale

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure is a role-playing game that is part of the Trails series developed by Nihon Falcom. It was first released in Japan in 2011 and later localized in English in 2021. The game is set in the fictional country of Crossbell and follows the story of Lloyd Bannings, a police officer in the Special Support Section (SSS) tasked with maintaining peace and order in the city.

The game features a variety of game currencies and items used to enhance gameplay. The main currency in the game is mira, which is used to purchase items, equipment, and services such as healing and transportation. Mira can be obtained by completing quests, defeating enemies, and selling items. Players can also obtain various items throughout the game that can be used to enhance their characters' abilities. This includes weapons, armor, and accessories that provide bonuses to attack, defense, and other attributes. There are also consumable items such as healing items, status-restoring items, and items that temporarily increase a character's stats.

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