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Game Description

The Matchless Kungfu Accounts for Sale

The Matchless Kungfu is an open world sandbox RPG game based on a WuXia background. You can play any martial arts role you imagine in this wild world. Travel through the great wilderness, or be the leader of the group. The most important thing is, build your own story and live the experience!

(1)You can build your mini worlds from start to make them meet your needs. Every land block has its unique environment, resource, creature or clans. You can also generate several bigger worlds which already have plenty of land masses for you to challenge!

(2)A new kind of turn-based battle which allows you to release different moves, build your own skill deck to defeat(or not) the enemy -- in a stylish way!

(3)The Meridian system allows you to run different kinds of Inner Kungfu, provides various buffs, and ways to deal with inner wounds, hidden diseases, illness and other debuffs. You will “run yourself” like those heroes does in Wuxia novels!

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