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  • Game Ulala: Idle Adventure
  • DEVELOPER X.D. Global
  • PUBLISHER X.D. Global
  • RELEASE DATE 2019-9-12
  • LANGUAGES English


Ulala: Idle Adventure is a role-playing game set in the Stone Age. Ulala: Idle Adventure takes you to a prehistoric fantasy world of tribespeople called Ulala exist. They are not alone, though, in the vast continent as dinosaurs and other prehistoric monsters of all shapes and sizes loiter about. In Ulala, you will be transformed into a primitive hunter, equipped with merely a stone spear and a thin ancient robe. Here you and your friends will team-up in an exciting adventure to conquer the frightening and dangerous world surrounding you. Various other challenges and features await you as you reach new heights and while you can definitely get stronger without much time to spend on the game, tending to it from time to time will make you progress even faster.

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