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Vigor Crowns for Sale

Vigor is a free-to-play online looter shooter game by Czech studio Bohemia Interactive originally developed for the Xbox One. As of July 2020, it is also available on the Nintendo Switch. Initially released as an early access title in August 2018, the game fully released on 19 August 2019. A PS4 and PS5 port was released on December 9, 2020. And later, the game has been released on Xbox Series X|S platforms!

Vigor is an online free-to-play looter shooter game set in post-apocalyptic Norway. The goal is to stay alive and build a shelter that will protect the player against the harsh environment. Players called Outlanders have to seek resources and better equipment during Encounters with other players. Every Encounter has a map which shows players all the exit points, as well as some POIs (Points of Interest) like a radio tower, transformer station, some hideouts, outposts, houses. etc. The POIs can offer valuable resources to help players upgrade their Shelter and get it to the max level. Doing that will generate more materials and food to use as well as reducing the crafting time for weapons and consumables. An important aspect of any Encounter is the Air Drop. It's basically a crate containing valuable loot such as weapons, blueprints, resources, weapon skins, and even a few Crowns (in-game currency). The map shows the location where the Air Drop is supposed to happen but there are options to change the location by using the Comm Station. It happens at a predetermined time, so there's nothing the players need to do to trigger it. When a player decides to go for the Air Drop, their location will be revealed on the map to enemy Outlanders as soon as they pick it up. The Comm Station can also be used to buff or debuff the Air Drop. For example, it can be buffed by adding extra loot and resources, or debuffed by making it radioactive. That means the player that touches the Air Drop will be poisoned by radiation and will have little time to make it out alive.

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