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Walkabout Mini Golf Account for Sale

Walkabout Mini Golf is a virtual reality (VR) game that provides a fun and immersive experience of playing mini golf in various captivating environments. It offers a unique blend of realistic physics, challenging courses, and interactive gameplay elements. The primary currency in Walkabout Mini Golf is Gems. Gems are used to unlock new courses, purchase cosmetic items, and customize your avatar. Items Used in the Game:

Golf Clubs: Walkabout Mini Golf features a range of golf clubs with different attributes such as power, accuracy, and control. These clubs can be obtained by progressing through the game or unlocking them with Gems.

Golf Balls: You can choose from various types of golf balls, each with unique characteristics affecting their trajectory and performance. Like golf clubs, you can unlock new balls by playing and spending Gems.

Avatars: The game offers a selection of avatars to represent you in the virtual world. You can personalize your avatar's appearance, clothing, and accessories using Gems.

Cosmetics: Walkabout Mini Golf allows you to customize your gameplay experience with cosmetic items like special effects, trails, and ball trails. These items add visual flair to your shots and can be purchased with Gems.

Course Unlockables: As you progress through the game, you'll unlock new courses with distinct themes and challenging layouts. Each course offers a fresh and exciting mini golf experience.

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