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WOW Classic Season of Mastery Accounts for Sale

The WoW Classic Season of Mastery will be the first seasonal patch for WoW Classic, introducing an accelerated timeline combined with a fresh start for everyone playing. Season of Mastery will feature a 12-month content cycle, with a new phase of content releasing every 2 months for its duration. However, with the accelerated timeline are several improvements designed to help everyone experience the content in a new way for the duration. Below is a short list of the major changes made for the Season of Mastery.

Faster leveling speeds — the experience requirements to level will be equivalent to getting from 1-60 in TBC, which is roughly 25% faster than in WoW Classic. Additionally, Season of Mastery features a 40% buff to all quest XP for its duration.

Most non-raid content from later phases will be available from the start, including the honor ranking system, Dire Maul, and the tier 0.5 dungeon sets.

Ranking in PvP will be significantly faster, where reaching your desired rank will take roughly half the time as in WoW Classic.

All world buffs are disabled in raid instances.

Most raid bosses are being buffed or redesigned in some way to substantially increase the difficulty.

Most forms of level boosting and solo AoE instance farming have been significantly nerfed.

There is no longer a debuff limit on enemies.

Meeting Stones at dungeons are now Summoning Stones, just as they are on all later versions of WoW.

Increased Mining and Herbalism Nodes.

The cost of the training and mount at Level 40 has been reduced.

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WoW Classic Season of Mastery Classes Guide: How to Choose the Best Healing Classes
2021-11-30 08:49

Here are the basic Introduction of healing classes and you can make choices to choose the best Healing classes in the beginning of WoW Classic SOM.