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  • Game
  • DEVELOPER Matheus Valadares
  • PUBLISHER Miniclip
  • RELEASE DATE 2015-4-28
  • LANGUAGES English

GAME DESCRIPTION is a massively multiplayer online action game created by Brazilian developer Matheus Valadares. Players control one or more circular cells in a map representing a Petri dish. The goal is to gain as much mass as possible by eating agar and cells smaller than the player's cell while avoiding larger ones which can eat the player's cells. Each player starts with one cell, but players can split a cell into two once it reaches a sufficient mass, allowing them to control multiple cells. The name comes from the substance agar, used to culture bacteria. A Steam version was announced on 3 May 2015 (though never released as of May 2019), while the mobile version of for iOS and Android was released on 24 July 2015 by Miniclip.

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