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Game Description

Amateur Surgeon 4 (also called Surgeon 4) is the fourth installment of the Amateur Surgeon franchise. It is a freemium mobile device exclusive and is the first game in the series developed by Burke & Best and published by Adult Swim Games. It is considered a simulation game. This is the first game in the series developed by a different company. It contains remastered versions of the previous games' surgeries, along with polished graphics and gameplay.

The game contains elements of strategy, with levels requiring tools to be used in certain ways in order to progress the surgery; from putting together a rib cage like a jigsaw puzzle to zapping vampire bats with a car battery. With each successful surgery, the player can acquire coins and bleed diamonds. Coins can be used to upgrade tools, while bleed diamonds are required to "re-generate" partners. Partners are a special mechanic in the game, for they can grant the player a huge advantage in certain scenarios. Certain partners can only be obtained during certain events, usually held during special holidays such as Easter and Christmas.

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