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TOP UP Aurora Legend Diamonds Ratings and Reviews
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Game Description

Aurora Legend is a free-to-play 2D RPG available on iOS and Android. A large world to explore, and crafting to enhance your heroes. Recruit heroes from the tavern and upgrade their stats, using enhancement materials and powerful equipment. The game's primary feature is its casually-oriented gameplay, which allows players to keep grinding levels in auto-battle, even when the game is turned off, similar to the games Auto Battle and Bit Heroes. This allows players to focus on the more exciting gameplay, such as character enhancement, questing, arenas, and raiding. Character enhancement allows players to use the rune system to power up weapons and strengthen characters, allowing any Hero to have the potential to become the strongest. The game's questing mode features randomly generated adventure maps, which include tile-based maps and various areas to explore for awesome loot and combat. Co-op features include shared map completion, multiplayer bounties, and co-op raids, as well as arenas to test your mettle.

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