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Trading Information
Do not return the Gold under any circumstances after you have received it. Only purchase a product listing in which its description matches the item/service you want to receive. Read more about Trading Safety Guidelines.
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Game Description

What is the use of Avatara Gold & Ruby?

Gold is AVATARA's basic currency. It is used throughout the game in general, such as growth content in leveling up an item, combining them, enhancing passive skills, etc. Gold is also used in more general things like purchasing potions, using area portals, teleporting to a quest location, resetting the stat points, and paying for the fee when registering an item in the trade. As gold is used in many areas, there are many ways to gain gold. When you farm monsters on the field, you can gain a small amount of gold along with EXP points, and you can also gain gold as a reward for completing quests. If you use the gold'instant dungeon, you can gain a lot of gold in a short period of time. Besides that, you can sell items at the potion store for gold or purchase gold in the shop with rubies.

Ruby is a resource that you can gain through in-app purchasing. It is used to purchase emblems, which are paired with the game's core system, avatars (NFT). Besides that, it is used to purchase rune essence, pet vouchers, and Rowin's box — which is used to gain random gold or equipment. Generally, rubies are used as currency to use shops. If you're Lv. 50 or above, you can use the trade market that uses rubies. In the market, you can trade weapons, accessories, equipment enhancement stones, etc., for rubies. If you have equipment in your inventory that you don't use, you can sell it through the market to gain rubies.

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