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Game Description

Blurred Weird Night Accounts for Sale

The story mode is a supernatural interactive story, with strong Chinese characteristic scenes and plots. Will all the staff die or will most of them survive? It's like a funny horror movie, scary and funny. The zombie mode has different plots and boss.

Game Features:

- Hong Kong style funny horror movie style, so that even timid players can continue to play

- Travel back to the friendly 3D super large scene that was common in the 90s,

- More than 10 characters with different personalities will appear, and you can also gain the favor of the young lady

- Players can change the development of the plot, save NPCs, and discover the mystery

- From mysterious Asian horror legends,

- Random puzzles and prop locations

- Two ways to play: a story mode without weapons, and a zombie mode with guns

- Free dubbing by netizens or anchors at station B, thousands of dialogues will reveal the mystery for you

- Up to 6 years of production time

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