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Game Description

Broken Ranks 

Broken Ranks is a free to play isometric MMORPG with turn-based combat, developed by Whitemoon Studios. It was released on January 25th, 2022. Broken Ranks is an isometric-view MMORPG with an engaging, turn-based combat system, a deep, story-driven narrative and plenty of social features that will let you cooperate and compete with players from all around the world.

Why You Need Broken Ranks Items in Broken Ranks?

Although there are unique gameplay and interesting battle systems in Broken Ranks, you still need various Broken Ranks Items to pull through difficult quests in the game. Players have to get powerful items and level up them to progress quests. While, this game has no marketplace for players to buy weapons, armor, and equipment. The main way to get good items is looting from bosses. However, looting for good items depends on luck and time-spending grinding. You may spend a lot of time on grinding.

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