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Conflict of Nations: WW3 is a fairly popular long-term strategy game that can be played on PC, web browser, or on mobile, with up to 100 players duking it out to see who can claim the most territory. The game essentially revolves around victory points, and whoever reaches a certain amount first is crowned ruler of nations. You get these elusive points by claiming territory and just generally expanding your influence. Everything you do in-game revolves around resources, and each of your cities produces a certain number of each, with specific territories providing more of an individual resource. You can also build local industry in your cities, which bolsters the amount of resources you can get, as well as offering trades on the market, which other players can choose to accept. Resources are vital for producing buildings, units, and, as is usual for strategy games, general upkeep. In these trying times, our nation looks to you for guidance.

Will you favor diplomacy over deadly force? Will you forge strong alliances for a shared, prosperous future? Or can peace only be achieved through global domination? FEATURES: Long Term Strategy Game, Prove your worth in multiplayer matches that can last anywhere from days to weeks. Plan multi-layered attacks, lead joint strike forces, and set up cooperative defenses, while the battlefield evolves day by day. From infiltration missions deep behind enemy lines, to the mobilization of entire fleets, you control every aspect of the battlefield. Persistent Multiplayer Online, Face up to 140 players on our largest map, and form coalitions with other players for joint victory. Make friends and enter into enduring alliances with your most trusted brothers in arms. Join any number of player vs. player games, and experience scenarios ranging from the cold war all the way to modern global conflicts including terrorist insurgencies. Modern Weapon Systems, Field hundreds of unique weapon systems and units. Research and mobilize American, Russian and European signature military technology, such as the Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier, MiG-29 Fulcrum Air Superiority Fighter or the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank. Compose your nation’s armed forces in the air, on land, or at sea. Weapons of Mass Destruction, Deter your enemies and unleash untold destruction. Your arsenal includes a range of some of the most devastating weapons known to man, ranging from chemical cruise missiles, to nuclear ICBMs. But be warned, these weapons come at a cost: Contamination, crimes against humanity, and declining national morale are factors you need to carefully consider. Three Military Doctrines, Continuously advance your economy, military, and weapons research. Unlock your forces’ true potential through your nation’s doctrine, featuring its own technology tree and iconic units. Carefully balance your resource requirements, mobilisation costs, and military improvements to win the industrial war.

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