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  • Game CrossFire: Legends
  • DEVELOPER Tencent Games
  • PUBLISHER Tencent Games
  • RELEASE DATE 2018-5-25
  • LANGUAGES English


CrossFire: Legends is a tactical 3D first-person shooter that emphasizes teamwork in a modern warfare setting. Choose between one of two mercenary corporations and engage in a large variety of game modes. Players choose between two mercenary factions, Global Risk or Black List, and compete in a variety of game modes. Objective-based scenarios force players to work together. Players receive experience for every match they play, and can rise through over 100 ranks. New ranks unlock more items to purchase using CrossFire’s in-game currency Game Points (GP). Premium items and special skins can be purchased using real money to distinguish yourself among players. CrossFire is a lightweight FPS reminiscent of early competitive shooters that throws players into combat moments after a match begins.

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