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Video Games Elden Ring Video Games Ratings and Reviews
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Game Description

ELDEN RING is a puzzle game centered around the themes of "chasing" and "escaping," typically classified as an intellectual game. In the game, players need to move a circular ring along a curve while avoiding obstacles and traps, and collecting as many rewards as possible. The difficulty of the game increases gradually, with more obstacles of various kinds added, requiring players to constantly think and adjust their strategies to pass the level. In addition to the single-player mode, ELDEN RING also supports multiplayer mode, where players can showcase their skills and strategies in competition. This game can help players exercise their reaction ability, spatial imagination, and strategic thinking ability and is deeply loved by players.

Elden Ring Guide: Elden Ring Dark Moon Greatsword Build 2024 for DLC
2024-05-20 08:49

The Elden Ring Dark Moon Greatsword is a powerful weapon featured in the game Elden Ring.The Dark Moon Greatsword is renowned for its capability to deal both physical and magical damage, making it a versatile choice for players.

Elden Ring Best Madness Build: How to Build the Mad King in PvP or PvE Mode of Elden Ring
2022-08-29 08:43

Madness is one of the special status effects in Elden Ring, essentially only works on human enemies, but it's very effective in PvP situations.

Elden Ring Game Guide: How to Find Helphen' s Steeple in Elden Ring
2022-04-01 08:25

Players who are going to combine Death Sorceries and magics with their Elden Ring Journey will need to find Helphen’s Steeple, which is a large Greatsword that can make additional Magic damage due to its Ghostflame ability.

Elden Ring Game Guide: How to Find the Dragon Cult Prayerbook in Elden Ring
2022-03-28 08:41

There are a large amount of powerful Incantations that players can learn in Elden Ring. And some of the most useful common spells can be unlock with Prayerbooks that hidden in somewhere of the Lands Between.