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Mario Kart Tour is a kart racing mobile game, the fourteenth in the franchise in the Mario Kart series, developed and published by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. This game features biweekly, downloadable themed tours with different cups, each of which has three courses and a bonus challenge. In addition to courses which already appeared in Mario Kart series, Mario Kart Tour includes courses located in cities in the real world (e.g. New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, Vancouver).

The game deviates from the traditional gameplay of the Mario Kart series, where the objective is to reach the finish line in first; this game utilizes a point-based system. There are four options of speed: 50cc (namely "leisurely"), 100cc ("fast"), 150cc ("very fast") and 200cc ("too fast"). Unlike previous installments in the series, much of the driving (notably acceleration, jump boosts) is performed automatically. Mario Kart Tour includes features from previous Mario Kart games, such as underwater racing and hang gliding from Mario Kart 7. This game introduces a new Frenzy mode, which occurs when a driver gets three identical items from an item box. Each character can get a unique item (also known as "Special Skill") from item boxes. Mario Kart Tour introduces a new format called "Tours". Tours are named after cities in the real world, Mario series characters, or other themes (such as cuisine and holidays). Each tour lasts for two weeks, beginning on Wednesday at 6 a.m. UTC. In a tour, players can compete in 9, 12, 16, or 18 cups and collect drivers, karts and gliders which represent the corresponding cities or themes. There are also spotlight drivers, karts, and gliders while a tour lasts for two weeks. Each Cup consists of three courses and a bonus challenge. Courses from previous cups may be reused for subsequent cups. Most races have two laps (except for 3DS Rainbow Road which has three sections), while most bonus challenges have to be done in one lap (except for Ready, Set, Rocket Start, which allows the driver to perform a rocket start at the start of the race). The cups are also named after some of the drivers in the game instead of the usual items in the Mario franchise.

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