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Game Description

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Choose your class, master your fighting style and enjoy the sweet K-fantasy aesthetic while slaying hordes of enemies: this is the short and simple pitch of WeMade's newest mobile MMORPG, MIR4. Mir4 is a adventurous quests and missions, various dungeons, and raids with other players, plus flying martial art action throughout Mir Continent. MIR 4 has both PVP and PVE modes! Players can choose from 4 different classes in the game. Each hero has their own set of skills. 

1.) Sorcerer: A mage who uses the power of the elements to defeat his enemies. Although he was formidable when fighting alone, he became even more so when surrounded by teammates. Ultimate: Dragon Tornado –One of the Spellcaster’s deadly moves that summons and shoot vortexes of wind, this is thought to be the embodiment of the whirlwind that appears when dragons fly.

2.) Warrior: A powerful warrior who kills the opponent with incredible agility while carrying a massive and heavy sword. These warriors have always been leaders in combat, armed with sturdy armor and unrelenting determination. Ultimate: Dragon Flame – The Warrior’s lethal move created Chi Fire with extreme qigong, fused it into the sword, and unleashed it all in one strike, scorching the entire area.

3.) Taoist – A seeker of truth who helps others with his swordsmanship and spells. His recovery skills allow him to overcome the difficulties he faces. Ultimate: Ray of Light – If you focus holy energy on your fingertips and then spread your arms, the energy forms a spear of light that pierces all enemies that come in your way.

4.) Slayer: A battlefield tyrant who uses his long spear to oppress the adversary. He destroys the opponent formation and removes the target at all costs, equipped with simultaneous attacking and protecting moves. Ultimate: Dragon Spear – The Slayer’s deadly moves released a tremendous chi that shattered and pierced everything in its path with a force that almost defied nature’s laws.

All players are created equal, but some are better than others. Some players are good while others just have more time. These things are very important in a game like MIR4 as they can determine how powerful a character is. Gamers who aren’t so good, or who don’t have enough time, can buy cheap MIR4 Boosting service to help them strengthen their characters.

Buying MIR4 Power Leveling

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MIR 4: How to Choose Best Class for PVP & PVE in MIR 4 World
2021-10-06 08:42

When you are ready to play this game, you should create a new character and choose a class for the character. We will tell you about the strengths and weakness of each class.

MIR 4: How to Obtain DRACO and Earn Money from Trading It
2021-09-30 09:26

This game has a new feature that you can obtain DRACO by completing Mining and Smelting Darksteel in the MIR 4 world. And DRACO can be converted into real money by trading on the internet.

MIR4 beginner's guide: every tips and tricks you must know in MIR4
2021-09-03 08:42

MIR4 is a new game released on Aug 25, 2021, which is a Cross-platform K-Fantasy MMORPG. To help new players get familiar with this gameplay, we write this beginner guide for all of you!