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ITEMS MIR4 Items Ratings and Reviews
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Game Description

MIR4 Items for Sale

MIR 4 is a triple-A MMORPG that brings with it five different classes to choose from. Selecting the right class for you is very crucial as your entire game depends on it. On the character screen, you can use and manage all the items you own, and you can check the current character's growth and activity status. You can also equip Mana Stones to help your character grow. Players can move to the equipment window by touching the equipment icon in the upper right corner of the main screen or by touching the character - equipment tab in the menu. In the equipment window, they can check the character's stat information, profile, equipped Equipment, and bag. In the upper left corner of the screen, they can check the information on the stats applied to the costume. Here they can preview the costume by touching the costume equipment. They can also reset the preview by touching the arrow button at the bottom of the clothing equipment list. Touch the purchased Equipment to dye, wear, or remove the costume equipment. Players can move to the Enhancement window by touching the Forge - Enhancement tab in the menu or by touching the Enhancement tab at the top left of the options appraisal window. Here they can select weapons, armor, and accessories to enhance them. You can Transcend gear by touching the Forge - Transcendence tab in the menu or by touching the Transcendence tab at the top left of the Enhancement window. Here you can transcend legendary-grade mana stones and spiritual treasures. You can try to transcend them using the same legendary-grade mana stones or spirit treasures and black iron as materials. Phase Shift is content that can be freely converted into five occupations, sharing all growth points and bags except for Weapons, Armor, and Skills of the character being developed. You can enter it through the skill-phase shift in the menu.

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MIR 4: How to Choose Best Class for PVP & PVE in MIR 4 World
2021-10-06 08:42

When you are ready to play this game, you should create a new character and choose a class for the character. We will tell you about the strengths and weakness of each class.

MIR 4: How to Obtain DRACO and Earn Money from Trading It
2021-09-30 09:26

This game has a new feature that you can obtain DRACO by completing Mining and Smelting Darksteel in the MIR 4 world. And DRACO can be converted into real money by trading on the internet.

MIR4 beginner's guide: every tips and tricks you must know in MIR4
2021-09-03 08:42

MIR4 is a new game released on Aug 25, 2021, which is a Cross-platform K-Fantasy MMORPG. To help new players get familiar with this gameplay, we write this beginner guide for all of you!