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Game Description

MIR4 Gold for Sale

Mir 4 is a mobile(IOS & Android)/PC (Steam) action MMORPG set in the Eastern-inspired world of the Legend of Mir franchise. The game boasts fluid action-oriented combat, smooth character animations, four playable characters, and polished graphics created in Unreal Engine 4. Mir 4 is a 3D mobile MMORPG that is the latest official title in the Legend of Mir franchise: an isometric MMORPG game series well-known in China and South Korea for being immensely popular for over ten years. This game will be the second mobile Mir game and is the first specifically designed for mobile platform, as the original mobile Mir was a PC port, Legend of Mir 2. Battle foes with fluid action combat where players can unleash character-specific abilities to devastate their foes in solo and group dungeons. Play as four distinct characters (Warrior, Lancer, Taoist, Sorcerer) whose weaponry and abilities fit RPG archetypes, including a warrior character that uses a large sword, a rogue character who uses dual daggers, and a magical character who uses magical abilities. The game also offers player-vs-player combat in line with the series' open PK.

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MIR 4: How to Choose Best Class for PVP & PVE in MIR 4 World
2021-10-06 08:42

When you are ready to play this game, you should create a new character and choose a class for the character. We will tell you about the strengths and weakness of each class.

MIR 4: How to Obtain DRACO and Earn Money from Trading It
2021-09-30 09:26

This game has a new feature that you can obtain DRACO by completing Mining and Smelting Darksteel in the MIR 4 world. And DRACO can be converted into real money by trading on the internet.

MIR4 beginner's guide: every tips and tricks you must know in MIR4
2021-09-03 08:42

MIR4 is a new game released on Aug 25, 2021, which is a Cross-platform K-Fantasy MMORPG. To help new players get familiar with this gameplay, we write this beginner guide for all of you!