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Game Description

MU Origin Diamonds for Sale

Get ready for the Full 3D EPIC MMORPG experience! Mobile MMORPG will never be the same! Experience an exciting real time MMORPG that lets you embark on an epic fantasy journey. Meet friends, create parties, and gear up to fight against the evil on a vast open world to bring back tranquility.

- Choose and customize from three different classes: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Elf.

- Equip and evolve your hero with powerful gears and enhance wings to make yourself unstoppable.

- Enhance their abilities and witness the dazzling display of each hero’s unique skills.

- Your powers are endless! Become stronger through endless levels and contents!

- Journey through an exciting open world and complete epic quests.

- Gather parties and explore unique dungeons to defeat world bosses!

- Gather Diamonds, Materials, Zens, and Star Essences in open PVP Areas! Dominate and hoard them all!

- Exchange in real time through Trading and Auction System.

- Clash with rivals in PvP battles and become the PVP King!

There are many types of MU Origin currencies, Zen is mainly the type of currency that you use to make trade with other players via trading or auction. Bound Zen is rewarded from quests and is used for purchases from NPC and Tasks; such as buying potions, item enhancement, character rebirth for instance. Diamond is what paid players get when they make a purchase. It can be used to buy upgrades for Achievement, Division, Wings, etc .. and stuffs from the Auction. Free players can also acquire diamond by selling items in the Auction. Bound Diamond can be obtained by both free and paid players via daily quests, crystal mine and dungeons. You can use bound diamonds to buy stuffs similar to paid diamonds at a slightly higher cost. You do not sell your useless armor parts and weapon to NPC shops in MU Origin. Instead, you disassemble them yourself to get Gems. Gems can be used to exchange for equipment, character rebirth and improving skills level. Star Essence is earned from quests and used to unlock Zodiac signs. Each sign has 12 steps that rewards different passive buff when unlocked. You also get a big CP bonus when completed all 12 steps of a Zodiac sign. To enhance your adventure, you are recommended to buy cheap MU Origin Diamonds Top Up service from trusted and verified sellers from! All the products are provided by real players of MU Origin, 100% safe! Purchase MU Origin Top Up service, and enjoy biggest deals!

Sell MU Origin Diamonds

There is a famous sentence: "If you are good at something - never do it for free." It applies to the currency making in MU Origin. MU Origin Diamonds farmers are given the opportunity to make gaming their daily job. It is straightforward - the more you can make in the game, the more you will be able to sell for real currency. If you have extra MU Origin Currency and Money, just turn them into riches at the secure marketplace!