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Electronic Arts (EA) brings you the latest and hottest installment in the NBA Live series, released for both iOS and Android operating systems. The game is the first NBA series to be released on mobile devices. What’s so good about it? Well, think of it as a basketball version of the Ultimate Team mode found in FIFA 16 - another celebrated game brought to you by Electronic Arts, which is a sport-team simulator. Create an NBA Live Mobile Basketball Account now and play with a wide roster of NBA stars both old and new. Experience being a “team manager” in this game, which coincidentally is reminiscent of card game simulators. Each pack of cards contains NBA players with different ranks, stats, and levels, such as “bronze,” “silver,” and “gold.” Ultimately, you want to go for the gold to make up a team of elite players that will bring you victory and impressive win streaks. Play with diverse modes featured in the game like season mode, live events, and multiplayer matches.

Do you want to create a beastly NBALM Account? Here’s how you do it: first, like all great things, start off small. Pick an NBA team, stay committed to the unit, and take your league to a series of tutorials so you can get your first, beginner card pack. Naturally, you’ll have to start with the lower-level NBA players and make your way to the top. You’ll get coins too, so use this to purchase higher rated/ranked card packs, and you can be steps closer to that ultimate dream team of the NBA player line-up. Don’t forget to play through the season mode because that is how you gain more coins and XP, which will enable your team to grow. If you would rather spend real money for an easier way towards building an unbeatable team, there’s also an option: the auction house section.

It’s never a shame to want a shortcut, so instead, if you’re looking to buy an NBA Live Mobile Basketball Account to get a head start, then is where you want to get the boost. Whether it’s an excellent or mediocre account, there is something for everyone’s budget.