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Game Description

Developed and published by Electronic Arts (EA), NBA Live Mobile Basketball is the newest installment in the NBA Live series available for both iOS and Android operating systems. The game is the basketball version of the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 16 – another sport-team simulator game distributed by EA. NBALM features both contemporary players and classic stars that a player can “manage.” In a sense, the player acts as the “team manager,” and the gameplay doubles as a card game. Each card in a pack equates to one NBA player, which is then categorized and ranked according to their level (bronze, silver, and gold). Ultimately, gold represents the elite tier of NBA players. The levels can all be obtained with NBALM coins. The game features various modes of play, such as season mode, live events, and multiplayer matches.

At the beginning of the game, the player chooses an NBA team to start and plays through a series of tutorials. A player is granted a beginner card pack composing of low-rated NBA players. Also, the player can get coins that can be used to purchase higher rated card packs to improve their team lineup. Playing through seasons with your team will get you more coins, aside from XP, both will enable your team to level up. Another mode available in the game is the auction house section, which allows you to earn more money (NBA Live Mobile Basketball Coins).

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