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ITEMS Sons Of The Forest ITEMS Ratings and Reviews
1.0 out of 5

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Game Description

Sons of the Forest Items for Sale

Sons of the Forest is a survival horror video game developed by Endnight Games and published by Newnight. It is the sequel to the 2014 video game The Forest, and was released on February 23, 2023 via early access for PC via Steam.

Items in Sons of the Forest consist of Consumables, collectibles, tools, and weapons. As a player, you will collect items that will help you survive. Each item has its own unique effect, some of which can also be used to improve your stats. Some of the most important items are weapons and armor that can be used to defend against enemies. Here list some powerful items or equipments you can get from trusted and verified sellers here at in the following.

Buy Sons of the Forest Weapons, Armor, Tools and more

Buying The Forest 2 Weapons - Progressing through Sons of the Forest will by no means be an easy feat. You'll come up against some powerful and terrifying enemies as you attempt to survive on this harsh isolated island, players need weapons that can utilize to put your enemies down, permanently. To help you fullly protect youself, you can Buy Sons of the Forest guns, Shotgun, bows, swords, melee weapons, Climbing Axe and more here! Buying Sons of the Forest Tools at the cheapest price now!

Buying Sons of the Forest Armor - There are currently six types of armor available, each giving a variety of perks to the player. Armor acts as an additional pool of health. Players can wear multiple types of armor simultaneously, including Lizard Skin Armor, Stealth Armor, Rabbit Fur Boots, Bone Armor, Creepy Armor, The Warm Suit. You can get all of these on, you can also craft them using Sons of the Forest crafting recipes.

You can also find Sons of the Forest Medical supplies, Processed foods and more for sale at! Sometimes, unlocking all these items can be a tedious task, and some folks just want the contents without the hassles. Why not get them at without any hassle?

Why Buy Sons of the Forest Items at is a player-to-playeronline trading platform where players can buy and sell amongst themselves many different virtual gaming assets such as currency, accounts, and items,including Sons of the Forest items. Our buyers here get guaranteed delivery of the item or their money back, so rest assured that your money is safe with us. We also provide protection services to all of our users here. So instead of going over countless dungeons and slaying tons of monsters, avoid the grind and immediately get the item that you want at a steal price!

Sell Sons of the Forest Items

If you have these items and you are looking to sell Sons of the Forest Items you can post your offer on our platform without paying anything. We know that many players work their heart out, and try the best to farm their Sons of the Forest items. This is why we let you decide the price. You just need to provide the detailed description and image for the items, and wait for the buyers

Sons of the Forest Guide: Some Good Locations for Building the Base in the Wild
2023-03-10 08:42

When players come into the world in Sons of the Forest, the first thing to do is trying to build a goo base in the wild world. You need protect yourself from attacks in the forest. And you also need a room to rest yourself.

Sons of the Forest Guide: How to Find Food Fast and Eat them for Survival
2023-03-01 08:39

As more and more players has joined in the Sons of the Forest game, they have to figure out something essential for surviving in the game. One of the most important things in the game is keeping your character healthy.

Sons of the Forest Beginner Guide: How to Survive on the Island in Sons of the Forest
2023-02-27 09:07

Sons of the Forest has been released recently. Players who have played The Forest know that it is a sequel of the former series. It is a survival horror game for players. For novice players, it is not easy to survive in the first night.