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Anomaly Zone >PC >EU PvE

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Game Description

Anomaly Zone is an open world MMORPG and a post-apocalyptic shooter. Character can be a scientist, a soldier, a hunter or an engineer. Explore anomalous territories, fight mutants and other players in mass PvP and PvE battles. This is a story of human pride. Time is at hand when, in their utter desire to study the world, people will start destroying it. This will become the point of no return. A counter-strike from nature itself will follow and the Earth as we know it will cease to exist. This is a story of human strength and true heroes. So-called anomalous activity zones started appearing all over the planet, like terrifying scars left by the man-made catastrophes. One of the Zones was formed in the vicinity of Ukraine, in an area combining the unmistakable atmosphere of Soviet times and the fast pace of modern life. There is a non-stop battle between stalkers' clans, between aliens and locals. You can support any side or remain a free shooter. You can give a dota tion to your mates as a leader or take every loot to yourself. And if you don't want to lose your life in a proxy war, there is a PvE server and safety zones. You can shape your own story in the Zone.

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