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Game Description

What is the Lineage 2M Gameplay?

Lineage 2M is a complete mobile remake of Lineage 2 – an MMO that is still enjoyed by thousands of players today. Lineage 2: Revolution was a spin-off title that was made to be a mobile game, whereas Lineage 2M is made with the intention of being a mobile adaptation of a PC game. The NCsoft MMORPG Lineage 2M was available for Korea on iOS and Android 27 November 2019! Lineage 2M trailers have been published for the Japanese and Taiwanese release of the game. The launch is due on January 6th. And this year, NCsoft will launch Lineage 2M globally for North America, US and Europe.

In Lineage 2M, there will be cutomization for you to customized your character with variety of option for the player to choose from. You can also level up your character as you battle with a lot of enemies in the game. Build alliance with other player as you can interact with other players in the game. Just like in the PC version as well, the game is expected to have all 31 existing classes from its original version. As in the original title, Lineage 2M has an absolutely colossal world that you can to explore at will. Another feature that stands out is that you can see other players at all times, with whom you can talk to and interact in a bunch of different ways. But, while collaborating with your friends, you can also focus on completing missions and destroying enemies on your own.

What is the use of Lineage 2M Diamond?

Lineage 2M Diamond as the in-game primary virtual currency is still important on the mobile version, which can be used to  buy consumables like Soulshots and HP/MP Potions, help you enjoy more in-game content! With enough Lineage 2M currency in your pockets, you’ll be set to face the dangers that await you!

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NCSoft's Lineage 2M is going to be released on Taiwan and Japan on March 24
2021-03-15 08:43

South Korean game giant NCSOFT recently stated that its massively multiplayer online role-playing mobile game (MMORPG) Lineage 2M will be launched simultaneously in Taiwan and Japan on March 24.