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Currency Moonlight Blade lngot Ratings and Reviews
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Game Description

Why players need Moonlight Blade lngot?

Moonlight Blade lngot is the important in-game currency of this gameplay, and players need Moonlight Blade lngot to buy in-game items, equipment, skills, or services that can help them progress in the game and enhance their abilities.

Other Moonlight Blade resources used in the game

Talking about resources, users receive 3,000 coins and 50 Tickets as a Jump-login Bonus. Tickets and Coins are the basic in-game resources. Whilst tickets are needed to unlock some game types that are free to play, coins are needed to play at different stadiums across the world. They can be obtained for free through daily login bonuses as well as by winning matches. Therefore, be sure to log in daily. Apart from the basic in-game resources, the game has some Secondary resources and scratch cards for users to cash on.

Tickets - Used as a fee for playing in various tournaments and other game modes.

Coins - Used as a match fee and as a one-time entry fee to some of the premium stadiums.

Gold Fragments - Unlock Gold Shots.

Platinum Fragments - Unlock Platinum Shots.

MPs - Used as a match fee in Multiplayer Mode and Friend Match Mode. Used to unlock the Bronze and Silver Packs.

MGs - A certain number of MGs are needed to go for Mega Spins.

Buy Moonlight Blade lngot

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Sell Moonlight Blade lngot

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