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Currency Pet Simulator X GEMS Ratings and Reviews
5.0 out of 5

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Game Description

Pet Simulator X Diamonds for Sale

Pet Simulator X, commonly referred to as PSX, is the third iteration of the Pet Simulator series. The game is about collecting coins & gems to unlock powerful pets. Coins can be used to hatch pets from eggs and purchase new biomes. New worlds will be unlocked as the player progresses, some of which introduce new game mechanics and features. Sometimes you'll hatch a Lamb, and sometimes you'll hatch an Alien Parasite. Okay, the Alien Parasite is still actually quite cute!

Currency can be obtained by looting resources or collecting lootbags from their respective worlds in Pet Simulator X. Currency can be used to purchase pets in the shop or new biomes in their worlds. The amount of currency a player has is shown on a GUI at the right side of the player's screen. A player can only hold up to 999,999,999,999 (999 Billion) of coins, aside from Diamonds, with a capacity of just 25,000,000,000 (25 Billion). There are many different types of currencies in PSX, including diamonds, coins, fantasy coins and more! The Diamond is an essential currency used in Pet Simulator X, and is used for several purposes: Upgrading, Pet Fusing, Pet Enchanting, Trading, Travelling Merchant, Unlocking Forsaken Gate, Unlocking Trading Plaza, Being able to use Golden, Rainbow and Dark Matter Machines and Opening/Upgrading Bank Account. Although officially called Diamonds, players call them Pet Simulator X Gems, likely due to being a shorter word and easier to type. The Coin is the currency used in the Spawn World in Pet Simulator X. The Fantasy Coin is the currency used in the Fantasy World in Pet Simulator X. The Fantasy Coin was used for the Pog Egg and for unlocking the Tech Entry Zone despite being located in the Overworld (Spawn World). The Tech Coin is the currency used in the Tech World in Pet Simulator X. The Tech Coin is the only coin variety that can be obtained outside of its world, it can be obtained in the Tech Entry in the Overworld (Spawn World). The Halloween Candy was a limited time currency that was part of the 2021 Halloween Event. It could be used in the Halloween World and used to purchase the Halloween eggs or Spooky Upgrades. It could have been obtained from looting any world's resources. The Gingerbread is a limited time currency that is part of the 2021 Christmas Event. It can be used to purchase Christmas Eggs. It could have been obtained from looting any world's resources. This is the second limited currency. To enhance your adventure, there are many cheap PSX diamonds for Sale, no hack, no cheats, no generator, 100% safe!

Buy Pet Simulator X Diamonds

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