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EVE Echoes >IOS/Android

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Game Description

A new immersive space sandbox MMO, bringing the authentic E-V-E Online experience to mobile. E-V-E Mobile is a next-gen mobile spaceship MMO game based upon hallmark E-V-E Online design principles. In E-V-E Mobile, players will be able to forge their own path to glory within a massive space sandbox environment, forming alliances with other pilots from across the galaxy to shape the game’s persistent universe. Players will be free to engage in interstellar combat, exploration, piracy, resource harvesting, industrial manufacture, trade, as well as many other activities across thousands of solar systems. Whether it's the rise and fall of an empire, or the shifting balance of power, the entire history of E-V-E Mobile will be written by its players.

1. An offical immersive sci-fi sandbox MMO, E-V-E Mobile exists in a parallel New Eden for players. Developed based on the signature gameplay of E-V-E Online, players can enjoy an original and authentic E-V-E experience on mobile devices. 2. A Space Opera that Unfolds Across 8000+ Star Systems, E-V-E Mobile is a sandbox where players are free to choose their role and playstyle in a vast universe, pursuing whatever they desire in-game, including combat, exploration, industry, trade and more. 3. Create Your Own Sci-Fi Legacy With 100+ Unique Ships, In the magnificent interstellar universe of E-V-E Mobile, players can fly more than 100 ships and choose unique ship SKINs. The Capsuleers themselves are the primary narrators in their own huge science fiction epic. 4. Engage in PvP fleet warfare on an unprecedented scale, E-V-E Mobile provides a never-seen-before combat environment, supporting large-scale battles of up to 100 players. Join up with your allies and test your combat skills in thrilling space battles. 5. Experience the player-driven economy through trade & manufacture, Seize the opportunity to become a business tycoon by trading and manufacturing in an open, player-driven market. Produce, distribute, trade, and maximize resource use to achieve limitless wealth! 6. Make galactic history with your own Corporations and fleets, In E-V-E Mobile, you can establish your own Corporations and join alliances. Fleet up and fight for power, territory and glory in thrilling galactic warfare. 7. Create your own unique adventure in a vast and boundless universe, This is a world like no other, full of opportunities—but also filled with hidden dangers. Step through the E-V-E Gate, start planning your spacefaring adventure, and go make history.

There are three important currency, called ISK, PLEX, and AUR, the second of which you can purchase with ISK – once someone arrives to sell it, of course! You can purchase AUR with actual cash-money, and exchange it for PLEX and other special things. You then use this PLEX to buy snazzy ship skins. Omega Clone also unlocks more ships, planetary production, more skills, and gives you an XP bonus that lets you learn skills and level faster. New to the world of E-V-E Mobile? Make sure you have what you need by buying E-V-E Mobile ISK! You’ll need it whenever you buy resources or assemble new ships. Have enough of it and you can even exchange it for PLEX. Register with now to get your ISK for cheap prices! E-V-E Mobile ISK IOS/Android for Sale, purchase now and get up to 30% off!

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