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What is Product Specification? What is the purpose of Product Specification?

1,What is Product Specification?
Product specifications are detailed product information added by z2u based on various special products (generally used for account products) to display some unique products with their own selling points, making it easier for buyers to view and retrieve.



2,What is the purpose of Product Specification?
The Product Specifications are an important criterion for product display ranking. Products with more complete, accurate, and authentic product specifications will be displayed in a higher rank. The search bar on the left will also have search terms corresponding to the Product Specifications. It is convenient for sellers to have more channels to display their products to buyers.



3,How to add a detailed Product Specification?
For categories that have already added the format of detailed product specifications, sellers only need to fill in the corresponding data when listing the product.

For example:Call of Duty Account


For example:Fortnite Account


4,What if the product specifications in this category are wrong, or there is no such format to fulfill product specifications?

If there are no detailed product specifications in the product category you wish to sell. Please inform us of the product category (Generally only for account types) by Submit Service Ticket, Or when you find that the detailed product specifications we summarized are wrong or missing, you can also contact us through Submit Service Ticket.

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