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What is Z2U Hot Product and how to list?

1,What is Z2U Hot Product?

Hot Product refer to products that meet the official specifications of the game and have a certain degree of universality, such as: Fortnite 13,500 V-bucks Top-Up.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Video Game


Some products with unique properties cannot be added as Hot Prodcut.

2,What are the advantages of Z2U Hot Product?

Z2U Hot Products are formulated by the product management department of Z2U official team, they usually have official customized product titles, product descriptions, and main images. Which will save you a lot of time in listing products for sale. Z2U Hot Products are usually displayed at the top of the game category. Have a better display effect.


3,How can I add the products I sell as Hot Products??

First, the product you wish to add to the Hot Product list must be universal. And there are at least two sellers applied to add this product as a hot product, or the product has always had good sales on Then submit a request through the ticket: Click here, and the product management department will check if the product is suitable to add as a hot product.

4,How to list a hot product?

If this game category has already been added to Hot Product, you can select the hot products you want to list when creating a product listing in this category.


You only need to fill in the quantity and price of the selling product, and you can also fill in the seller reminder you want to set for the product.

After the product is listed, it will appear as the picture below.


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